Digital Freedom Empowerment Series

Are you bored during the Corona Quarantine ? Learn more about digital freedom, free software, security, privacy and Ubuntu. A presentation series that ties current events, digital rights, software freedom, open technology, freedom, spirituality and empowerment together. Daily presentations in English.

How and where ?

  • Daily presentation in english at 16:00 Amsterdam time (7:00 am Pacific time) via Chrome or Chromium:
  • If you have problems with Jitsi temporary disable your browser extensions and/or try a clean Chromium installation.
  • If that doesn't solve your problems ask here for help and thereby improve Jitsi for everyone:
  • When you log onto Jitsi please interact. Often people join for a few seconds and then disconnect again. Please stay for a few minutes.
  • Using Jitsi Meet | Video Conference Demonstration :
  • You will be able to ask questions on Jitsi. Your audio will (hopefully) not be streamed or recorded. Jitsi chat and Jitsi webcam will be streamed/recorded.
  • We are experimenting with streaming/recording to different platforms for the daily Jitsi presentations.
  • By attending this talk you give permission for streaming/recording this talk including your contributions to this talk.
  • If you are interested in an earlier presentation we can give it again after the main presentation for that day. You could for example ask for the earlier presentation on Ubuntu.
  • Feel free to ask me for Telegram/Matrix for feedback/resources/questions/digital version of the presentation/YouTube links of previous recordings

Verveel je je tijdens de Corona Quartantine ? Leer meer over digitale vrijheid, vrije software, security, privacy en Ubuntu. Een presentatie serie die huidige ontwikkelingen, digitale rechten, software vrijheid, open technologie, vrijheid, spiritualiteit en empowerment aan elkaar knoopt. Dagelijkse presentaties in het Nederlands.

Hoe en waar ?

  • Dagelijkse presentatie in het nederlands om 14:00 Amsterdam time via Chrome of Chromium:
  • Als je problemen hebt met Jitsi zet dan tijdelijk je browser extensies uit en/of probeer een schone Chromium installatie.
  • Als dat je problemen niet oplost kun je hier hulp vragen en daarmee Jitsi ook beter maken voor iedereen:
  • Als je bent ingelogd op Jitsi graag interacteren. Het gebeurt vaak dat mensen voor een paar seconden inloggen en daarna weer uitloggen.
  • Using Jitsi Meet | Video Conference Demonstration :
  • Je kunt vragen stellen op Jitsi. Je audio wordt (hopelijk) niet gestreamd of opgenomen. Chat en webcam bijdragen via jitsi worden opgenomen en gestreamed.
  • We experimenteren met streaming/recording voor de dagelijkse Jitsi presentaties.
  • Door jouw aanwezigheid bij de presentatie geef je toestemming dat jouw bijdragen onderdeel kunnen zijn van de recording/streaming.
  • We kunnen ook eerdere presentaties nogmaals geven. Dus als je meedoet op de jitsi calls om 14:00 (nederlands) of 16:00 (engels) kun je me vragen om een eerdere presentatie (bijvoorbeeld na de presentatie van die dag). Er zijn bijvoorbeeld ook een paar presentaties die vrije software principes en Ubuntu uitleggen.
  • Voel je vrij om via Telegram/Matrix te communiceren voor feedback/resources/vragen/digitale versie van de presentatie/YouTube links van eerdere opnamen

For who?

  • People who align with the Ubuntu philosophy (humanity towards others)
  • Free Software enthusiasts
  • Open Technology enthusiasts
  • People who want to learn about Ubuntu, Free Software and open technology
  • People who want to learn about alternatives to the big tech companies (Amazon,Microsoft, Facebook, Apple,Google)
  • People who are interested in privacy, security, digital rights and freedom
  • People of all ages who are a little bit different than what mainstream considers normal
  • People who are on a spiritual path
  • You don't need any expertise or background to join us. You can learn as you go.

What ?

  • A presentation series that ties current events, digital rights, software freedom, open technology, freedom, spirituality and empowerment together.
  • Feel free to skip talks
  • Ideally total beginners to Software Freedom should at least join the talks "Ubuntu", "What's easy with Free Software computing" and "Introduction to Software Freedom".


  • Daily at 14:00 Amsterdam time in dutch
  • Daily at 7:00 Pacific time in english (16:00 Amsterdam time)
  • Going into a different topic each day

Why ?

  • Physical events are currently not possible
  • There is an opportunity for teaching/sharing which also provides an opportunity for learning for the one that teaches/shares
  • Now we have an opportunity to embrace ethical computing and open technology or alternatively to heavily reduce our computing and become more free/empowered
  • Personally I can go without computing but I will not embrace unethical power moves
  • George Orwell warned us with his book 1984.
  • Edward Snowden, Arjen Kamphuis, Richard Stallman, Eben Moglen and others warned us and empowered those that listened
  • Spiritual leaders/teachers showed us new perspectives
  • Now we have a lot of opportunities to shift ourselves to more freedom and empowerment both through spirituality and through open technology. We also have an opportunity to move into more harmony with nature.
  • We could also choose to remain/become victims/slaves
  • The Great Dictator Final Speech
  • Freedombox turns ten

Schedule (updated as we go. refresh this page for the latest version.)

  1. April 8th: Introduction to the series Digital Freedom Empowerment (alternative/spiritual components in here)
  2. April 9th: Spiritual perspectives, disclosure, the event and ascension (alternative/spiritual components in here)
  3. April 10th: Alternative perspectives on current events (alternative/spiritual components in here)
  4. April 11th: Current events and digital rights #1 (alternative/spiritual components in here)
  5. April 12th: Bringing spirituality and open technology together (alternative/spiritual components in here)
  6. April 13th: Ubuntu
  7. April 14th: What's easy with Free Software computing
  8. April 15th: Introduction to Software Freedom
  9. April 16th: Current events and digital rights #2
  10. April 17th: Computing, ethics and digital rights
  11. April 18th: Data mining, A.I. and ethics
  12. April 19th: Surveillance capitalism and Social Media alternatives
  13. April 20th: Messaging apps (and giving less meta-data to Facebook)
  14. April 21st: Snowden revelations
  15. April 22nd: Location tracking
  16. April 23rd: De-google yourself
  17. April 24th: Ubuntu 20.04 LTS (released yesterday!)
  18. April 25th: The challenges and opportunities with mobile (includes technical parts)
  19. April 26th: Organizations that protect your freedom
  20. April 27th: Freedombox
  21. April 28th: Buying a suitable laptop and hardware that respects your freedom (includes technical parts)
  22. April 29th: Gaming on Ubuntu
  23. April 30th: An introduction to Digital Self Defense (includes technical parts)
  24. May 1st: Digital Self Defense for journalists, activists, whistle blowers and anyone that cares (includes technical parts)
  25. May 2nd: Circumventing censorship and some surveillance (includes technical parts)
  26. May 3rd: Digital Self Defense. Exploring a multiple phone setup (includes technical parts)
  27. May 4th: Digital Self Defense. Exploring a multiple laptop setup (includes technical parts)
  28. May 5th: Freedom (includes technical parts and alternative/spiritual parts)
  29. May 6th: Digital Self Defense. Exploring browsers setups (includes technical parts)
  30. May 7th: Decentralized internet (includes technical parts)
  31. May 8th: IoT,5G and Starlink (includes technical parts)
  32. May 9th: Digital Identity
  33. May 10th: 2020-2035 a few scenarios. your choice
  34. May 11th: System Problems
  35. May 12th: Exponential automation
  36. May 13th: Open Technology
  37. May 14th: Commons of the future
  38. May 15th: Fixing the internet
  39. May 16th: Commons of the future II (social media and beyond)
  40. May 17th: Commons of the future III (the problems with centralization)
  41. May 18th: Illusion of democracy
  42. May 19th: Commons of the future IV (governments and beyond)
  43. May 20th. Hardware that respects your freedom
  44. May 21st: Thoughts around ethical A.I.
  45. May 22nd: Human rights
  46. May 23rd: OSINT
  47. May 24th: Privacy measures you can take right now
  48. May 25th: Thoughts around ethical IoT
  49. May 26th: Thoughts around an ethical AI IoT company
  50. May 27th: Thoughts around misuse of technology
  51. May 28th: The problem with the cashless society agenda
  52. May 29th: The problem with shiny
  53. May 30th: No daily talk. Refer you instead to: Rebel Wisdom Festival:
  54. May 31st: No daily talk. Refer you instead to: Rebel Wisdom Festival:
  55. June 1st: Bringing spirituality and open technology together (alternative/spiritual components in here)
  56. June 2nd: My message to spiritual leaders and teachers (alternative/spiritual components in here)
  57. June 3rd: A call for crypto parties and Game B
  58. June 4th: Thoughts about Universal Basic Income (UBI)
  59. June 5th: Thoughts around personal neural networks for content recommendation
  60. June 6th: Commons of the future V (communities and beyond)
  61. June 7th: Commons of the future VI
  62. June 8th: The bigger picture
  63. June 9th: Introduction to the bigger picture series
  64. June 10th: Drafting the digital/tech manifesto
  65. June 11th: Drafting the umbrella manifesto (alternative/spiritual components)
  66. June 12th: Drafting the Love Club manifesto (alternative/spiritual components)
  67. June 13th: Drafting the political manifesto: "Manifesto for a new love based politics"
  68. June 14th: Drafting the phases document in support of the political manifesto (template)
  69. June 15th: Drafting the phases-NL document in support of the political manifesto (NL example)
  70. June 16th: Drafting the Unity Village manifesto (alternative/spiritual components)
  71. June 17th: Free Software Tools for Education
  72. June 18th: Free Software Tools for online collaboration
  73. June 19th: Free Software Tools for Communities
  74. June 20th: Running your own digital community
  75. June 21st: A proposal for a digital community (in support of the manifestos)
  76. June 22nd: A proposal for a Love Club (in support of the Love Club manifesto) (includes technical parts and alternative/spiritual parts)
  77. June 23rd: Thought experiment around cryptoparties and Game B
  78. June 24th: A proposal for an ethical AI IoT company (in support of the manifestos)
  79. June 25th: A proposal for a umbrella website (in support of the manifestos)
  80. June 26th: A proposal for a website for the Unity Village (in support of the Unity Village manifesto)
  81. June 27th: A proposal for an umbrella organisation (in support of the manifestos)
  82. June 28th: Some areas for research and development (alternative/spiritual components)
  83. June 29th: Some areas for research and development (includes technical parts)
  84. June 30th: Concluding the Digital Freedom Empowerment Series (alternative/spiritual components)
  85. July 1st: An introduction to the Digital Freedom Empowerment Series

My personal... Series

  2. July 3rd: My personal background
  3. July 4th: My personal visions/dreams
  4. July 5th: My personal beliefs
  5. July 6th: My personal perspectives around money
  6. July 7th: My personal fears
  7. July 8th: My personal challenges with my father
  8. July 9th: My personal inner rebel
  9. July 10th: My personal challenges (circumstances/story)
  10. July 11th: My personal challenges (underlying inner friction)
  11. July 12th: My personal challenges (navigating the system)
  12. July 13th: My personal perspectives on the Dutch system (slave trading, monarchy,...)
  13. July 14th: My personal brainstorm about experiencing more freedom
  14. July 15th: My personal thoughts around becoming more radical (radical love based approach)
  15. July 16th: My persona thoughts around rejoining the system versus dropping further away from the system
  16. July 17th: My personal thoughts around the money system
  17. July 18th: My personal thought experiment what I would do with more financial freedom
  18. July 19th: My personal thought experiment what I would do with 1 Billion euro
  19. July 20th: My personal brainstorm about ethical ways to experience more financial freedom
  20. July 21st: My personal vision for a temporary home base and clean foundation for my life
  21. July 22nd: My personal vision for the Unity Village (benefit of the humanity and my personal life)
  22. July 23rd: My personal vision on moving beyond guru's
  23. July 24th: My personal story (made up completely subjective such that it feels true and exciting)
  24. July 25th: My personal story (made up media version)
  25. July 26th: My personal : Broad outline: visions, projects, goals,challenges and circumstances. And then asking for your feedback
  26. July 27th: My personal: concluding "My personal... Series"
  27. July 28th: My personal: introduction to the "My personal... Series"

Notes on copyright for "my personal..."

  • The series "My personal..." will be published under traditional copyright. Resharing of the content is not allowed in any way. At some point I might delete the material. I'm willing to go very personal but these presentations might only be online for a short while. Which also makes sense from a perspective of privacy for me and the individuals mentioned such as my father. In my humble opinion the time has come that I temporary share more of my personal struggles at the expense of some privacy. I'm aiming to preserve some privacy for myself and the individuals involved. If you wish to know more private details than the details mentioned in these presentations a personal meeting or encrypted call using Telegram or Signal is my preference.

Copyright for all other presentations:

These presentations are licensed under CC BY SA 4.0: These presentations can be attributed to the Digital Freedom Empowerment Series project: ** These presentations include some fair use content such as links to youtube videos and quotes


  • It's on you to get the most of this material. Take notes. Do your own research. Ask questions during the presentations.
  • If we have a big crowd for the presentations that are marked as "technical" please wait with questions until the end of the presentations. It's okay if you don't understand everything. Just try to get the most out of it. It's possibly easier to understand if you follow more of the daily talks.
  • Please turn off all distractions so you can use these talks as a training for improving your attention span. Freedom of thought requires attention. You could see this as a meditation exercise. Keep bringing your attention back.
  • We have a lot of topics and information to go through. Some people might be new to spirituality. Some people might be new to Software Freedom.
  • Sometimes you might feel overwhelmed by the amount of information. Be grateful and try to get the most out of it. The goal is to transfer the most amount of information in the available time. Follow up with your own research.
  • We will have parts that are more spiritual. Sometimes it's easier to meditate and listen than to intellectually try to understand these parts. We might do a few meditations together as well. You can also opt to skip these talks that are marked as "alternative/spiritual components"

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